Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed an unpleasant odor coming from your sink, tub or shower drain?

Have you noticed that water is draining more slowly and flushing doesn’t seem to completely do the job?

Sometimes you have a simple blockage due to a buildup of grease, hair and other common household waste. These types of drain blockages are sometimes simply removed by over-the-counter drain cleaners or snaking.

If  you notice a persistent problem, or if the problem affects more than one drain at the same time, it might be time to call a professional plumber.

First Warning Signs of a Possible Drain Blockage

  • Gurgling noise from a toilet or nearby drain when emptying a sink or tub
  • Water is very slow to drain, leaves sink or tub dirty
  • Noxious odors coming from your drain, or noticeable outside odors

Drain Maintenance

A homeowner can face many issues that might create the need for regular drain maintenance. If you have an older home, if your yard contains a lot of trees, if you regularly fry food in oil or if you have hard water – you should have regular drain maintenance service. If you’ve ever had nasty water flow into your home instead of out of your home, you will know that you should never, ever, take drain maintenance for granted. If you have a professional water jet and video inspect your drains on a regular basis, you stand a better chance of catching issues before they become a problem. As a general rule, we recommend drain cleaning and video inspection at least once a year.

Staten uses the latest video drain inspection technology and water jet cleaning. We don’t leave until your drains are running like new.

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