Drain Repair, Clear Clogged Drains or Replace Drainpipes

Clogged Drains Cleared, Broken Drainpipes Replaced

A broken drainpipe is not always easy to detect, and is typically very easy to confuse with a simple blockage or clogged drain. If  your drains appear sluggish, call us right away! Our plumbers here at Staten are experts at diagnosing and repairing your outdoor pipes. We can repair the drain problem before further damage is done.
In Greenville, few plumbing services are capable of matching our ability to provide you with accurate and prompt assessments of your clogged drains. And even fewer of these plumbing services are able to provide you with the experience, equipment, and unparalleled expertise to fix your clogged or damaged drain properly, quickly and completely the first time.

When left unattended, a clogged or broken drain can cause you unimaginable grief. Your home or business could be at risk of possible flooding or backed up waste.

Our plumbers have years of experience in plumbing and drain repair. Staten Plumbing will never leave your drains damaged or poorly repaired. Because many of our competitors lack the necessary equipment and experience for underground pipe repair, they either rent the equipment or sub-contract to a company (like Staten) to complete the job. This leads to additional costs that are passed on to you. Why not call Staten first? We won’t keep you waiting!

What to expect during the initial plumbing service call:

  • When you schedule service, you will speak a real plumber, not a salesman. In an emergency, will dispatch a plumber within 2 hours of your call, usually sooner.
  • Diagnose: Our plumbers first determine whether you have a local clogged drain or vent system, or if you have a failing septic system.
  • Attempt to Clear the Blockage: Staten plumbers use different methods to try to clear the blockage first. If these methods do not work, we keep searching.
  • Check drain-vent system: If a blockage is not found and the drains are slow, it’s possible your vent has become blocked and needs to be cleared.
  • Determine if the problem is outside the building: If the indoor piping is not blocked, and the drain line connected to your waste system is not blocked, then your plumber will inform you that he will have to determine whether you have a pipe failure or if you have issues with your septic system. Some digging may be required to locate the source of the problem.
  • Estimate Review and Customer Approval: Staten plumbers will always prepare a cost estimate and review your options with you before we continue our work. We don’t start until you are completely comfortable with the likely expenses.

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