Garbage Disposal – Installation Cost

How much does a Garbage Disposal Cost with Installation?

Staten Plumbing only charges a total price of $199 to furnish and install an InSinkerator Badger 5 garbage disposal. And, with today’s efficient technology, your garbage disposal uses only about 1% or less of a household’s total water consumption and cost less that .50 cents a year to run. Now that’s a deal!

What if I choose another garbage disposal model?

You may choose a different model at an additional cost, or buy or own separately. We will install it for you at the most competitive price in the Greenville area. We also offer models designed for use with a septic tank. Either way, you have options, but you can always be assured of the best price when you choose Staten Plumbing.

Why do I need a garbage disposal anyway?

Your food waste disposal system will help keep your kitchen cleaner and smelling nicer. Send messy food scraps down the drain from your kitchen sink with a new garbage disposal. Inside or outside, your garbage is no place to keep rotting food, which attracts bugs and animals. Vegetable parings, meat trimmings, fruit skins, coffee grounds and even chicken bones can be safely flushed down the drain. You’ll enjoy a cleaner kitchen and trash area and fewer trips to outside bins.

Once thought to be less than eco-friendly, garbage disposals were even prohibited in certain cities, and countries. Further studies show that transporting food waste to the landfill does more ecological damage than sending the waste to water treatment facilities. Some wastewater facilities even implement a method to recycle food waste into methane gas and fertilizer.

Garbage Disposals with Septic Systems

If your septic system is designed to handle a dishwasher and clothes washer, it can safely handle a standard garbage disposal. If you are unsure, ask a professional plumber to assess your septic system installation. However, if you want to be really kind to your system we suggest the addition of a septic assist system. The system will automatically dispense enzymes to help break down food and other waste, every time you use your disposal. This will help reduce tank sludge and surface scum.

If your grinder stops working…

  1. Look to find the reset button, it’s usually on the unit underneath the sink
  2. Use a flashlight to check for stuck objects in the grinder. Use pliers to remove. Don’t put your unprotected hand in the grinder, the blades are pretty sharp
  3. Check your circuit breaker for a blown fuse
  4. Call Staten Plumbing for garbage disposal installation, we can also repair your garbage disposal at a surprisingly low price

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Healthy


  1. Put large amounts of waste into the unit at one time.
  2. Put celery, onion skins, corn husks, artichokes, cigarette butts and other fibrous material into the unit, ever.
  3. Put potato peels and starchy vegetables in the unit by themselves, combine with egg shells or small bones to keep the starch causing the blades to stick.
  4. Put large bones and fruit pits into the more economical units, some units are designed to grind heavier materials, but when in doubt, use common sense
  5. Use bleach, drain cleaners and other harsh chemicals to clean the disposal, just don’t use them in the disposal at all
  6. EVER pour grease or fat down the drain. This is not good for any part of your plumbing system. Reuse containers with tight fitting lids to dispose of oils.
  7. Run your disposal without running water, and never use hot water.


  1. Run cold water before, during and after a grinding session
  2. Grind small bones, egg shells and small fruit pits. This actually helps clean the insides of your garbage disposal
  3. Cut bigger items into smaller pieces
  4. Put coffee grounds down the disposal, they actually help eliminate odors
  5. Clean the disposal with a little dish soap or specially formulated cleaners
  6. Run ice through the disposal a couple of times a month, this helps break up grease and sharpen blades
  7. Cut up a whole lemon or orange and grind it up for a naturally fresh smell
  8. Vinegar is a very mild acid, and can be used to help eliminate bacteria
  9. Baking soda or Borax can help eliminate really tough odors

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