Gas Line for Your Grill – Intallation


outdoor grill gas line installedDo you want a gas line run to your grill?

Never change out your propane tank again when you connect your grill to your central LPG or propane gas line.

Follow these 4 easy steps to get a successful outdoor gas line installation for your grill. 

  1. Match your grill to your central gas type – Most grills are ready for propane and if you are using propane gas for heating, then you are all set, skip to step 3. However, if you use LPG (natural gas) in your home, you will need to buy a new grill or convert your propane grill to accept the correct gas type. 
  2. Convert your propane gas grill to accept natural gas: Some makers of gas grills sell natural gas conversion kits. Other manufacturers do not advise it. Compare the costs of purchasing a new grill specifically designed for natural gas to the cost of a conversion kit. Most cheaper models of grills have a limited life span, and if you grill is a few years old, you make want to invest in a new one. 
  3. Select the perfect location for your outdoor grill: A licensed plumber will install your gas line correctly, but he will need to run a pipe to your main gas line and run it underground to your grilling location. You may want to seek the advice of your plumber before you set your location. 
  4. Call Staten Plumbing and save money!: For the safest, most economical installation, make sure you use a licensed professional. This is not a type of home improvement project that should be done by the homeowner, or even your handyman. Our plumbers know that safety is first and have the correct parts and equipment to install a gas line for your grill. We currently offer this service for only $495! But don’t wait, call today before it’s too late!

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The 12 Days of a Plumber’s Christmas

plumber open christmas

The plumbers at Staten are hard at work, keeping water flowing, drains draining and toilets flushing as we enter the holiday season, and with it the cold weather.

A lot of food and a lot of guests combine to make the 12 days of Christmas busiest time of the year for our emergency plumbers.

When you have extra guests in your home, water and sewer usage goes up, which can make existing problems get critical. Pipes will burst, toilets will back up and water heaters will die. 

To prevent unexpected emergencies, plan ahead and treat your home to a plumbing check up and winterization, starting with your water heater. We will inspect, flush, clean and blanket your water heater to prepare it for the upcoming cold weather months. Additionally, we’ll drain and wrap your outside faucets and hose bibs as well as go through your entire home’s plumbing system to detect issues before they become problems. Because it’s so important, and helps prevent the most frequently needed emergency plumbing calls, we are offering it at a special price. 

“Things tend to pick up a notch this week,” says Dean Mathis, vice president of Staten Plumbing, who is also on call during the holidays to assist his plumbers in the field.

“A lot of it leading up to Christmas is based on our customers getting their homes for guests — ugly bathrooms, too little hot water, stopped up kitchen sinks, cranky disposals,” Mathis said. “Then during and after Christmas, we see a lot of emergency calls – people stopping up toilets and drains, broke water heaters and the like.”

Clogged toilets, faulty water heaters and, of course, blocked sinks and drains drive most of the holiday work for plumbers. To get ahead of the situation, call Staten today for our Plumbing Checkup and Winterization special.

If you find yourself in a plumbing emergency, call on us, at Staten Plumbing, we’re open all the time – even on holidays!

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