Plumbing FAQs

  • 1.Water Heaters
  • What do I need to do to maintain my water heater?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    About once a year, you should do the following:

    1. Turn off power source, gas or electric.
    2. Turn off water supply
    3. Drain the water heater from the bottom to get rid of sediment.
    4. Inspect the anode for corrosion, replace if necessary.
    5. Call Staten if you are not comfortable doing any of the above.
  • Is Instant Hot Water worth the expense?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    Not usually for your home where you are likely to use hot water multiple times a day. It is more efficient to heat water where it is not used regularly, like a guest house or barn.

  • 2.Sinks & Toilets
  • Can I flush clumping cat litter, wipes or feminine products down the toilet?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    In a word, no. Although these products advertise that they are "flushable", it's really not good to do so.

  • My toilet is leaking at the base, can I fix this?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    If you believe you are handy, you can replace the wax ring, available at most hardware stores.

  • My toilet it running, can I fix it myself?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    Yes, you can replace the flapper and chain in the tank. You can usually find replacement parts at a hardware store. If you are not comfortable doing this, or if you have tried and the toilet does not work properly, call Staten right away.

  • 3.Pipes and Drains
  • How to prevent Freezing Pipes?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015
    1. Leave your taps turned on, just fractionally, so that they drip (there’s no need to observe the old adage of a “pencil-thin stream;” it just wastes water). Pressure is relieved, so no damage is done.
    2. Thoroughly encase the below-floor area, if you live in a home that’s elevated above ground (such as a trailer or manufactured unit, use tar paper or sheet plastic if your budget doesn’t extend to proprietary cladding; it will still stop the wind chill which does most of the damage.
    3. Insulate the pipes themselves, using foam cladding that’s sold at home improvement warehouses. Remember those outside faucets; you can wrap them in old rags or plastic bags.
  • How to keep my drains free of clogs?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    Many of us have a tendency to throw anything that fits into their drains. This is especially true of those who have garbage disposers. However, rinsing large amount of solid waste into your drains will eventually clog your system. If you have doubts, place the residue into the trash not your drain. Coffee, grease, and food are all common causes of preventable clogs.

  • My drains smell bad, bubble or gurgle. What to do?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    If you have a septic system, it's likely that it needs to be pumped out. If you do not, you may be dealing with a clog or pipe obstruction. It would be a good idea to call Staten to check it out before that gurgle becomes a flood.

  • 4.Septic System
  • Can I get a garbage disposal even if I have a septic system?
    Staten Plumbing15-02-2015

    Yes, there are special disposals for use with Septic Systems.

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