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How happy are you with your bathrooms? Do the toilet, tub and sink match? Are the fixtures current? Does everything still work adequately for your family? Do you have special needs to consider? Before you begin your plumbing remodeling project, make sure you have the right plumbing foundation to support your plans. A professional plumber should first replace fixtures and pipes, before you replace flooring, tile or wall decoration. Important first steps to consider:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. How much space can you work with?
  3. Will the bathroom remodel enhance the value of your home?
  4. What are your goals? Do you simply want to update old, tired fixtures or do you want a luxurious tub instead of a shower?
  5. Are you looking for increased functionality or energy/water saving devices?
  6. Are you replacing the floor and countertops?
  7. Do you have a particular style in mind?

Only an experienced plumbing contractor can fully determine the correct specifications for your project and project an accurate cost estimate. Staten Plumbing has years of experience as a subcontractor for major new construction projects and renovations. Take advantage of our expertise before you begin work. We know our fixtures! And we can help you decide which bathroom tubs, shower stalls, toilets and sinks will fit your design with the least amount of rework to your existing pipes, drains and vents. This helps you stay on budget! Kitchen Plumbing Remodel Your kitchen is often the centerpiece of your home. It is where your family and friends may gather to enjoy a casual meal or snacks. Before you begin your upgrade or remodeling project, consult with Staten Plumbing first, to ensure you will have the proper foundation for your plans.

  1. What are your budget and space considerations?
  2. Are you moving the location of your sink, refrigerator, dishwater or gas appliances?
  3. Are you adding an additional sink? For example, you may want a new fixture on an island or above your stove. Drains and vent locations are important to overall functionality.
  4. Are you upgrading your fixtures? Increasing the size of your sink?
  5. Will the overall remodeling plan enhance the value of your home?
  6. What functionality upgrades would you like to see? A poorly designed workspace in the kitchen can be a major hassle for home cooks. What kind of flow would you appreciate the best?

Once again, the professionals at Staten Plumbing have extensive experience with our new construction projects as well as retrofitting commercial kitchens and restaurants. We know how to properly assess your current plumbing layout and can provide expert advice to help plan your kitchen-remodeling project. Give us a call today for a free estimate, before you start your project.

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