Top 5 Reasons You Want an Outdoor Kitchen

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Thinking about turning an outdoor space into an outdoor kitchen?

Over the past few years, the building industry has seen a sharp rise in those wanting to install an outdoor kitchen area. Whether in a new home or a remodel, the trend keeps growing, especially for those cooped up inside the workplace all day. Even with a stand-alone grill, we can’t wait for warming weather so we can tantalize our senses with food cooked outdoors.

If you have been thinking about turning an outside space into an outdoor kitchen, think no longer. Take the basic grill one-step further and create a fully functioning kitchen area that includes a grill, sink, refrigerator, and counter space. You won’t be sorry you did and there are quite a few positive benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

1. Stop the Indoor-Outdoor Dance

Anyone who has ever grilled food outdoors knows the hassle of having to run back inside and then out again to get needed supplies. You spend half your time running back and forth, grabbing food for the grill, utensils, drinks and dinnerware. After eating, you then have to drag everything back inside and do the dishes. By adding an outdoor kitchen with a grill, sink and even a small refrigerator, you have everything at your disposal and can spend more time socializing and relaxing than doing an indoor-outdoor dance. The addition of a sink makes prepping and cleanup easier.

2. Great for Parties and Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens can’t be beat when it comes to entertaining. By incorporating a grill, sink and refrigerator in the kitchen, you can keep the entire party outdoors, as well as the aftermath. In addition, there’s open space for guests to socialize, and everyone can gather around the grill while dinner is cooking without crowding. Everything you need is right there in your outdoor kitchen giving you time to enjoy the party.

3. Increases Home Value & Living Space

Having a fully functional outdoor kitchen area will increase your home’s value as well as living space, making it a good investment and giving you more outdoor space to relax. Outdoor appliances like sinks, grills and refrigerators are made from durable and long-lasting stainless steel, which stands up to changing weather patterns and is easy to clean. An outdoor kitchen is one remodel investment sure to give a high rate of return and is a great selling feature to a home.

4. Eat Healthier and Cut Restaurant Costs

Having an outdoor kitchen where you can cook, wash and keep things cold will naturally have you spending more time at home enjoying your patio area than eating out. This will help keep some cash in your pocketbook and you are more likely to eat healthier with meats and veggies cooked on the grill. Besides, everyone knows grilled food just tastes better and fresh air is good for you.

5. Cut Warm Weather Utility Costs

Whenever you do any type of cooking that uses the oven, the heat naturally warms the house, especially during the summer months. This forces additional work on the air conditioner to try to keep up with the rising temperatures to cool the house, which increases utility bills. By taking the cooking outside to your outdoor kitchen, you will actually be saving some cash on electricity costs.

Once your outdoor kitchen is up and running and you begin enjoying all its benefits, you will probably be asking yourself why you haven’t installed one before now.

Besides, everyone knows that everything tastes better when cooked outdoors on a grill.

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