Water Line Service in Greenville

Suspect a water line leak?

If your water bill has increased significantly, you might be experiencing a water line leak. You might actually see water bubbling up in your yard, or near the point of connection to your home. If you see a puddle of water, you are probably looking at the lowest point of ground, nearest to the leak. In either instance, the best way to diagnose the problem is to call a licensed, professional plumber, at Staten Plumbing.

During your water line service call, our plumbing professional will diagnose a break or blockage in the line. The next step is to determine whether the pipe can be repaired. If the overall condition of your water line exhibits excessive wear and corrosion due to age, we will suggest a full replacement of the water line. The cost of this replacement will depend on the length of the pipes and the area that needs to be cleared to dig down to remove and replace the pipe.

If you need a water line repair or replacement, you can be assured, that Staten Plumbing has the proper equipment and the experienced crew to do the job correctly, with the least expense to you. See, other plumbing companies do not keep the equipment on hand, nor do they employ a crew to provide the work. They will call in someone like Staten to do the job for them. Usually these companies will add a hefty percentage to our bill and you end up paying more!

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